GESTALT AWARENESS PRACTICE is a journey of personal exploration to integrate wholeness and develop a greater quality of awareness.

Gestalt Awareness Practice is a form of nonanalytic, noncoercive and nonjudgmental sharing derived from the work of Fritz Perls, influenced by Buddhist practice and evolved by Richard and Christine Price. The work integrates ways of personal clearing and development that are both ancient and modern. The emphasis is intrapersonal rather than interpersonal. Unifying fragmented parts of the self and resolving inner-conflict creates opportunities for healthy relationships with oneself and others. The Practice has a strong association to forms of meditation using an approach that is similar to some Reichian work. This rebalances emotional and energetic expression.

  • Improves communicative skills
  • Enhances clarity and self direction
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Provides life balance and overall well being
  • Encourages personal growth
  • Increases confidence and inner awareness
  • Develops empathy and understanding
  • Promotes internal healing