Laura Lamp

Owner, Studio Reflection

Laura Lamp is dedicated to her clients’ health and overall well being. Her experience as both a certified massage therapist and licensed cosmetologist create harmony at Studio Reflection. Her calming nature is demonstrated in her massage, awareness and healing services. Her positive energy and creativity are apparent in her work as a talented stylist. She is committed to having all who visit Studio Reflection leave feeling relaxed, with a strong sense of self and improved well being.

A licensed Cosmetologist since 1988, Laura spent the first years of her career traveling throughout the United States as a Platform Artist and Educator for Paul Mitchell, Pricilla Presley hair extensions, and Nioxin hair care. After years of being on the road, she established roots in the San Mateo /Burlingame area where she has worked since 1992. Laura has always loved helping her clients discover their personal style and is rewarded by their elevated self esteem. It was that caring nature that led her to begin another journey.

While continuing her career as a stylist, in 2000 Laura became a volunteer, practicing Healing Touch with hospice patients to relieve pain and provide relaxation. This inspired her to become a Certified Massage Therapist in 2004. Her passion for wellness and devotion to her clients propels her to seek knowledge and continue to grow. She studied Shiatsu Massage with a licensed Acupuncturist and became certified in Touch for Health, a holistic approach to rebalance the body’s energies and activate the healing process. Her Gestalt Awareness training was led by Beth O’conner and John Madation, students and colleagues of Chrissy Price, one of the founders of Gestalt Awareness Practice. Laura has been involved in a Gestalt Awareness Practice for 20 years.

Through her continued education, she has deepened her awareness of herself, created more peace within and increased wisdom that enables her to live a rich and meaningful life. These benefits are shared with her clients as she helps them with their style, serenity and self.

1117 S B Street, Suite 8 San Mateo, CA 94401

650 315 6399